100% Polyester Pull Yarn

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100% polyester Pull yarn characteristics

 1. 100% polyester Pull yarn High strength The short fiber strength is 2.6 ~ 5.7cN/dtex and the high strength fiber is 5.6 ~ 8.0cN/dtex Due to its low hygroscopicity its wet strength is basically the same as that of dry state The impact strength is four times higher than the nylon and 20 times higher than the viscose fiber.

 2. 100% polyester Pull yarn Good elasticity The elasticity is close to the wool and can be fully recovered when the elongation is 5% ~ 6% Crease resistant more than other fibers that is the fabric is not wrinkled the dimension stability is good. The elastic modulus is 22 ~ 141cN/dtex 2 ~ 3 times higher than polyamide  Polyester fabric has a high strength and elastic recovery ability so it is sturdy and durable and anti-wrinkling.

 3. 100% polyester Pull yarn Heat resistant polyester is made by melt spinning and the formed fiber can be heated and melted again which belongs to thermoplastic fiber The melting point of dacron is relatively high and the specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity are small so polyester fiber has a higher heat resistance and thermal insulation It's the best synthetic fiber.

 4. 100% polyester Pull yarn Good thermal plasticity and poor fusibility Because of the smooth surface of polyester the inner molecules are closely aligned so polyester is the best material for heat resistance in synthetic fabrics It has a thermoplastic and pleated skirt and pleats are durable At the same time the resistance of polyester fabric is poor and it is easy to form holes such as soot and Mars Therefore avoid contact with cigarette butts and sparks when wearing.

 5. 100% polyester Pull yarn Good wear resistance The wear resistance is second only to the finest nylon which is better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

 6. 100% polyester Pull yarn Good light resistance Light resistance is second only to acrylic Polyester fabric has good light resistance except for the difference of acrylic fiber its fastness than natural fiber fabric Especially in the back of the glass the ability to withstand the sun is very good almost as much as acrylic.

 7. 100% polyester Pull yarn Corrosion resistance Can resist bleach oxidizer hydrocarbon ketone petroleum products and mineral acids Dilute alkali not afraid of mildew but thermobase can be decomposed There is also strong resistance to acid and alkalinity anti - uv ability.

 8. 100% polyester Pull yarn The color is poor but the color fastness is good not easy to fade Because there is no specific dyeing group on the polyester molecular chain and the polarity is small it is difficult to dye the dye and the dye molecules are not easy to get into the fiber.

 9. 100% polyester Pull yarn The moisture absorption is poor and the clothes have a sultry feeling Meanwhile it is easy to carry static electricity and dirt which affects the beauty and comfort However it is easy to dry after washing and the wet strength is hardly reduced not deformed and has good washing and wearability.


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