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Mechanical Equipment

We mainly produce colorred spun yarn. It can achieve the hazy stereoscopic effect and quality that can not be achieved by white embryo dyeing. The colorred spun yarn is environmentally friendly without pollution, and the color difference can be controlled to the maximum extent. Therefore, the color is soft and fashionable, and it can cope with the small batch of colored spun yarn produced by various kinds of flexible production.

Our yarn is mainly made of flower cleaning machine, carding machine, drawing frame, roving frame, spinning frame and winding machine. It is widely used in all kinds of short fiber spinning engineering, such as combing, combing and blending, and the ring of the wire is revolving around the steel collar by the bobbin. At the same time, the friction of the steel collar makes its rotating speed slightly smaller than the bobbin. The spinning speed is high, the shape of the ring yarn is the conical spiral of the fiber mostly in and out of the inside and outside. The yarn is tightly wrapped inside and outside the yarn, and its yarn structure is compact and strong. It is suitable for various products such as thread making, weaving and knitting.

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