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Nylon Core Spun Yarn

Nylon Core Spun Yarn is usually made of synthetic fiber filament with good strength and elasticity....

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Nylon Core Spun Yarn: mainly used in knitwear industry textile industry clothing etc.IMG_20180305_154133_副本.jpg

Advantages of nylon core wire:

1 the product is soft and smooth with complete color elegant texture good elasticity and light weight  Suitable for urban fashion crowd.

2 As a new rise of the yarn industry the core-spun yarn is deeply loved and favored by world-renowned apparel brands and designers.

3 our company will always stick to advanced technology efficient production high quality service for the purpose integration of today's fashion world fashion continuously introduce leading the tide of environmental protection science and technology the new blended yarn more perfect service to meet customer needs, and the common progress of the new and old customers and common development strive for a higher goal


Welcome to wholesale the Nylon Core Spun Yarn from our factory. As a professional manufacturer in China, we can assure you that our products are of good strength and high quality.

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